Try Not to Destroy the World

Anaheim Gaming Group

In the Awakening, humans have synthesized with ancient technologies that gave them access to psionic power. Those technologies have since been buried by the sands of time, yet psionic power remains. It’s hard to lose something as permanent as genetically engineered superpowers, after all.

Adventuring PCs from our 5-person group come from a variety of virtual pocket realities. Your backstory can take any utopian or dystopian form. If you’re human, you think you belong in the “real” pocket reality, and if you’re another race, you’re convinced you’re entirely made up, yet who cares?—you’re “alive,” right?

In all cases, you’ve saved money to go on an interstellar vacation. You haven’t had a vacation in forever. But when you bought your vacation deal, (and man, was it a steal,) you didn’t realize why the tourism starship is named Quest

Mutual Backstory for the Awakened

The Intelligence Explosion lasted eight lovely years.

While everyone was enjoying the ascent, eight transhumans and superintelligences broke away from the universe, separating a once-connected mankind into several pocket realities.

By the time the rest of mankind realized the pocket realities were a problem, it was too late. GG.

The pocket realities, along with base reality, collapsed in a Technological Singularity, and on the other side, survivors faced the Second Dark Age.

The Second Dark Age lasted a thousand years.

Survivors weren’t about to suffer for a millennium, though—they had remnants of extraordinary technology, and they could see what they were in for—so they retreated to the pocket reality that felt the most hospitable.

Each of you have decided on different places and spaces; the concept of hospitality is relative. But your mutual interest in vacation is about to bring you together, and if there’s anything that will bind you into one unit, it’ll be your mutual understanding that psionics comes from the genetic engineering of your ancestors.

Eureka & Fresno Gaming Group

In the Dreaming, maenads try to bring stability to a world trembling with sudden natural disasters. But what can be done when the Dreamer in the center of the world decides, one hellish night, it’s time to wake up?

Adventuring PCs from our 5-person group come from wandering, hunter-gather communities with impressive DIY and hobby-centric psionics. Your backstory is entirely dystopian, and it should involve a cyberpunk, steampunk, or magepunk flavor.

Unlike the above group, you don’t get vacations. Instead, you get to find another Dreamer to replace the one at the center of the world. And two of you have traveled to a nomadic monastery of seers to find out where that next Dreamer is located. Your communities are counting on your success…

Mutual Backstory for the Dreamers

You’re a Dreamer in 585 IE—nearly six centuries after the Intelligence Explosion—and your world, the Dreaming, was created by She (or Her), a no-name transhuman who gives rights to control parts of her pocket reality through a special feature called psionics.

She gives Dreamers fairy, maenad, and elf bodies, so if you meet someone in one of those guises, you know they’re a Dreamer, waiting out the Second Dark Age through some mysterious escape pod, just like you.

But if you meet someone who isn’t in one of those forms, they’re part of the simulation that keeps the Dreaming consistent with human experience. They’re smoke and mirrors.

They aren’t real.