Game Zero

Game was on 5-11. Our next game is on 6-22.


Most of game was character creation, but we ended with a trial battle against demonic rats—8x CR 1/2, exploding from Energy Missiles—and an uridezu from the Manual of the Planes, who summoned a companion. While I normally would roll for summon success (40% chance), I gave the uridezu an auto-win on that spell-like ability, just to see if the group would do well against two hard-hitters on the board.

Next Game

Everyone opted for a character portrait from a artist, so I’ll place those orders at the end of the month.

Before then, if you want to design what your character looks like in the miniature site Steve’s using,, you can send me that picture as a reference for the artist. You can also order a miniature if you want, but I’ll have acrylic holders for paper printouts, too (which is what I’m using for all non-recurring enemies).

I may or may not have ordered a figurine of a recurring NPC. I’m curious how the generic plastic ones respond to paint; the fan photos on Twitter are impressive.

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