Your Call to Adventure

A-hoy-hoy, Adventurers, and welcome to the tourism starship Quest! Our first stop will be at an abandoned island called Elsewhere.

We know you’ve traveled from eight different pocket realities to get here. We hope you aren’t too jet-lagged.


Since you might be tired, our first request is optional:

Optional: Backstory

If you’d like us to include the dramatic story of how you arrived on Quest, leave us a comment; then we’ll include those fun facts in our future gazetteer. You can find inspiration here.

Main Event: Weaponry

If you’re not interested in contributing your dramatic story, that’s not a bother; but at a minimum, we need you to choose a weapon. (Never fear! Weaponry is only meant to immerse you in your vacation experience.)

Choose One

  1. +1 Frost/+1 Flaming Two-Bladed Sword*
  2. Luck Blade
  3. Aquatic Crossbow +1 (Stormwrack, pg. 107)*
  4. Dagger of Defending +1
  5. Holy Merciful Spiked Chain +1*
  6. Keen Guisarme +1
  7. Pair of Skipping Blades of Returning +1
    (Stormwrack, pg. 107)*
  8. Mithral Sickle of Spell Storing +1
  9. Adamantine Vicious Bastard Sword +1*
  10. Anarchic Darkwood Shortspear +1

You may not have two choices, with the exception of the skipping blades, which come as a pair. (Refer to the fine print of the contract we haven’t given you yet for further details.) We only have one of each weapon.

*Note odd # options require the expenditure of a feat to gain proficiency.

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1 thought on “Your Call to Adventure


    Hi everyone!

    Schedule. [Redacted.]

    Weapons. I need you to pick weapons before next game:

    Combat. Ideally, I’d like to run one combat with the newly made characters, just so people can confirm they like what they built. Tweaks can be made after the first combat.

    Class & Race. Character creation will be faster if you choose a class and race beforehand, too:

    Starting Level. Starting level is 4. Faeries and dark elves have LA +2, while aasimars, tieflings, and gloamings have LA +1, so depending on your build, you may start at level 2 or 3.

    House Rule No. 1. Humans receive a bonus feat at 1st level, 10th level, and 20th level—not just 1st level. The idea is that they adapt to stressful situations better than other races. Humans also have access to human-only technology later in the game (as do elves, fey bloods, and celestial bloods).

    The group will thrive best with at least one human, dark elf, gloaming, and tiefling, though a balanced dynamic is not required.

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