Character Creation: Class

Psions preferredThe following specializations are available:

  • Seer: A clairsentient specialist who can see into time and spaces faraway. Your introductory power is precognition, or the ability to see a second into the future, which will give you a +2 to rolls.
  • Nomad: A psychoportation specialist who can shift time and spaces nearby. Your introductory power is blinking short distances.
  • Telepath: A telepathic specialist who can read, connect together, and manipulate intelligent minds. Your introductory power is telepathic communication between yourself and someone else.
  • Kineticist: An elemental specialist who can break down the energies around them into fire, cold, electric, or sonic power. Your introductory power is to go boom, and the other classes can boom too, but you’ll end up leveling into boomness far greater than those fools.
  • Shaper: A metacreative specialist who can conjure something from nothing, including your introductory power, a scalable golem you mold from ectoplasmic goo.

Other psionic classes may be chosenPrestige classes will be integrated into the game at Level 10, with the exception of the Soulbow, which can be accessed whenever minimum requirements are met. The psionic classes that are available:

  • Wilder
  • Psychic Warrior
  • Soulknife
  • Soulblow (available in Complete Psionic)
  • Divine Mind (available in Complete Psionic)
  • Ardent (available in Complete Psionic)
  • Lurk (available in Complete Psionic)

You can purchase a PDF of Complete Psionic for fifteen bucks.

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