Psionics System


Geomancy may share roots in Arabic, African, and European cultures. It shares a curious relationship with binary-based information, and generally influences the structure of psionics in the Geomancers campaign setting. Geomancy likewise plays an integral role with the Rod of Seven Parts.Elemental Properties

The Rod’s Elemental Power

The rod of seven parts breaks up into the following four-part relationship:

  • head pieces—fire
  • neck pieces—air
  • torso pieces—water
  • foot piece—earth

Binary Elements; Psionic Hacks

Each element contains one of two states: a state of 1, which is active, or a state of 2, which is passive. (A third mode, a state of zero, tracks anti-activity, or reversed activity, but that’s not necessary in a linear flow of time, which is a binary-based flow.) Since the state of 1 is measured with a dot, and the state of 2 is measured with two dots, this can be illustrated side-by-side as a triangle, and this stage of 3 is where psionics activates.

To put it another way, psionics is the manifestation of energy that has achieved a balance of activity and passivity without slipping into an unstable, reverse flow state. It’s not an oscillation of 1 and 2, but a balance of 1.5, i.e., 3.

Psionics—capable of creating a new state within a binary world—is a way of hacking reality, which gives it a “magical” effect. (Arcane magic, meanwhile, is the emergence of 0.5, or the relationship between non-being and a crackling, volatile and active hyperbeing.) 

Sustainable Elemental Energy

Elemental energies have an outer relationship (how they’re perceived in reality) and an inner relationship (how they combine, complicate, and/or simplify at lower or higher realities).

Magic and psionics that rely on intelligence are utilizing the outer layer of pure elemental energy, while magic and psionics that rely on charisma or wisdom are tied to inner clockwork, within elemental energy.

As long as an elemental retains its outer shell, or its inner being, it can construct itself, i.e., heal from the drain of a magic or psionics user. But if its stripped of its shell and inner being through a combined channeling of intelligence, wisdom, and/or charisma based powers, this would permanently devour the elemental.

One of the worst things a person could do is devour an elemental.

Free Write

For the sake of tracking my creative process, below is the free write I drafted before writing the above article.

As I wrap my head around the cosmic structure I want to overlay over my fiction-based projects, I fill my head with sci-show content, like how to mine asteroids, the improbable yet possible existence of white holes, and why the Earth doesn’t have rings, I also reserve the geometric part of my mind for moving around imaginary pieces of furniture in a simulacrum of our bedroom. I want to get the bed away from the air conditioning wall unit, because as much as I am grateful for tolerable temperatures, the machine smell keeps me awake at night. Also, while moving around furniture in the bedroom, why not bring the television in from the back room, so I can play more two-dimensional video games? If we live in a simulated reality, of which I’m more and more convinced we do, it’s time I ought return to my childhood fascination of these imaginary, pixelated worlds, which may share more in common with the “real” world than whatever image my grandparents conjure up in their head when they say, “welcome to the real world,” right after telling me college only served to brainwash me. 

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